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Writing Services.

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SEO-Friendly Website Content Writer | Copywriter | Professional Writer | Business Writer | Grant Writer | Proposal Writer | Resume Writer

In the digital world, writing is something that no one can escape. From emails to text messages to white papers, we write all the time, every day. And guess what? It’s time consuming. It’s laborious. Sometimes, it’s just flat out hard.

As a professional writer, I can take some of this writing off your plate. Here are some of the writing services that I provide:

SEO-Friendly Website Content Writing.

A website is never done. Whether you are building a brand new website or have one that needs maintenance or updating, I can help you craft SEO-friendly content that catches your customer’s eye (and click!).

As a Certified SEO Content Writer though the SEO Content Institute, I use tools such as Google Search Console and SEMRush to determine what types of content your customers are seeking. Then, I gently incorporate these keywords in your landing page or blog text to assist Google in connecting the right people with your business. Learn more about my SEO services.


Traditionally, we think of a copywriter as someone who writes ads. In the digital age, however, this definition has expanded to include anyone who writes text for a business.

This may including writing catchy titles and descriptions for your products or heart-wrenching stories for your EOYA campaign. Either way, as a copywriter, I can help you catch your audience’s attention through the power of words.

Professional/Business Writer.

Have you ever had to write an article about your business for a magazine or draft a press release for the media? When your business is being featured in the public eye, the feeling is both exciting and daunting.

As a content coordinator for a local magazine, I have crafted media publications on behalf of many businesses. I understand how to help you share your message with the world through media.

Grant and Proposal Writer.

Proposal and grant writing is special because I get to help businesses tell their story in a compelling way.

Through eloquent writing, graphs, images, diagrams, and research, your proposal tells prospective customers/investors about your company’s journey, from its inception to its current state, and it compels them to take an action to move on your behalf.

Resume Writer (Cover Letters, Curriculum Vitae, and LinkedIn profiles too!)

Looking for a job or submitting a resume with your proposal? A resume, C.V., cover letter, or LinkedIn profile is just one more way that you share your professional story with the world.

I am a CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) through the PARW/CC, and I would be more than happy to help.

Other Writing Services.

I’ve taken on a variety of other unique writing and editing projects. If you have a specialized writing project, please contact me to see if it is a good fit.

That said, I am well-connected in the writing and editing communities, so if I can’t help with your project, I probably know someone who can.

I love working with businesses and working professionals to create eloquent writing. Contact me today to learn more about my writing services.