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Write anyway

Last Monday, I didn’t feel like writing. I cleaned my office.

On Tuesday, I didn’t feel like writing. I updated my business books.

On Wednesday, I still didn’t feel like writing, so I . . . realized that I had a looming deadline and started writing.

On Thursday . . . I wrote and edited a whole lot more to make my deadline.

On Friday, I heard an inspiring podcast. The guest, John Dunn, reminded me that ‘sometimes the words just flow, and other times, we have to chisel away at them.’

It was a relief to suddenly realize that . . . I’m normal. We all have days when we feel inspired. We sit down to write, and the words just flow. We also all have days where the words are just gone. We dig deep, but there is nothing inside.

On those days, I’ve learned a secret: write anyway. Even if you just don’t know what to say, write anyway. Tomorrow, you can edit and chisel away to make it beautiful. Today, just get the words out.Whatever you are writing today—be it a book, blog, webpage, or resume—keep writing.

Your message needs to be shared. You can always edit and clean it up later.

For today, just write.