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Young Adult (YA) Book Editor & Writing Coach

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YA Book Editor & Writing Coach

Let’s face it: writing for teens and young adults presents an array of challenges. Not only does the content need to be engaging, but it also needs to be written at a level that is appropriate for the audience. As a former teacher, I can help you find the words to reach your readers—no matter their age.

YA Book Developmental Editor

Are you ready to start at the top to strengthen the content, pace, structure, and overall flow of your YA book? You may be ready for a developmental edit. As a developmental editor, I will work with you to develop a strong storyline that is both clear and compelling. We will work together to organize the content, develop strong characters (memoirs and fiction), create a pace that fits your message, and reach your targeted readers.

YA and Teen Book Developmental Editing
YA and Teen Book Line Editing

YA Book Line Editor

Do you feel like the overall flow of your YA book is strong, but you need an in-depth look at each sentence and how it supports the theme? A line edit may be just the ticket. In a line edit, I listen to the story `{`literally`}` to help you strengthen your authorial voice. Together, we will work through each line of the text to make sure that it supports your point of view (POV), avoids contradictions (such as false simultaneity), and maintains a pace that keeps young reader’s engaged.

YA Book Copy Editor & Proofreader

Copy editing is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ``editing.`` A copy edit involves reviewing the book for structure, grammar, and spelling, and punctuation errors. This is an important step in ensuring that your book is ready for publication.

Young Adult and Teen Book Proofreading and Copy Editing
Teen and Young Adult Book Co-author and Ghostwriter

YA Ghostwriter/Co-Author

Perhaps you've outlined your story (on paper or in your head), and you realize that you would like to work with a ghostwriter or co-author. I would be honored to help you share your story or expertise with the world.

YA Writing Coach

In the process of writing your teen/YA book? Looking for a new perspective, fresh set of eyes, or better way to organize the content? I specialize in coaching authors through the writing process. Whether you want feedback on a particular section, suggestions for structuring your book, or just need to brainstorm ideas, I can help.

Teen & YA Book Writing Coach
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Building a strong working relationship is the key to successful coaching, editing, and writing. Let's explore your work to see if we may make a good writing team. Contact me to set up a complimentary 30-minute Zoom chat today.