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Frequently Asked Questions.

  /  Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are the answers to several my most frequently asked questions.

What are your rates?

My rates are competitive and in line with industry standards, and they are determined based on the scope and scale of each project. Please contact me directly to receive a complimentary estimate on your specific project.

To learn more about common editing/writing rates, check out the Editorial Freelancers Editorial Rates page.

Is my information secure?

I contract with a local IT company, CMIT Solutions of Durango and Farmington, to protect my computer assets. Through virus scans, updates, and local and remote backups, I do everything possible to ensure that your information stays secure.

Are you available for meetings?

I hold meetings on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I am happy to meet you at your office, a local coffee shop, or at DurangoSpace, a coworking space in Durango, Colorado.

Please contact me for more information.