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Writing Coach.

  /  Writing Coach.

According to Typeset’s State of Writing 2020: Quality Matters, 76% of communicators know what successful writing looks like, but only 45% think the content they publish is extremely/very effective.

The reasons for this discrepancy range from the vast quantity of content that people write on a daily basis to a lack of editorial oversight from management.

For just a minute, think about how many times you write during the day. Think about all of the emails, web searches, text messages, sticky notes, Slack messages, Trello communications, etc. you send in any given hour.

We all write. Every day. All the time.

Do you ever wonder if you’re “doing it right”?

Writing coaching is, by far, my favorite aspect of Wordsmithing. I spent more than a decade working in education and love coaching people in their writing skills.

Whether English is your second language or you have a Ph.D., I can help you hone your writing and professional communication skills to ensure your writing is clear, concise, and eloquent. (And yes, I am happy to work via Skype, Zoom, or any other long-distance communication service)

Business Writing for Non-Native English Speakers.

I excel at breaking complex concepts into simple explanations. I have worked with many non-native speakers of English to help them achieve clarity and accuracy in their written communication, and I have also taught basic language arts to adults who are seeking their GEDs.

On-Site Workshops and Professional Development.

I host trainings on a regular basis. I teach everything from How to Write for Your Website to Email Best Practices. I am happy to conduct on-site workshops or host professional development courses for any business.

Current Courses and Events.

Currently, I teach classes through the Small Business Development Center in Durango, CO. My long-term goal is to start teaching these classes online. In the meantime, please check my blog to view my upcoming events.

Contact me to discuss my writing coach services.