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Why Proofreading Your Own Book is a Mistake

Don’t try to proofread your own book!

Yes, I know it’s tempting. Paying a proofreader is expensive.

However, nothing makes you look more unprofessional than extra spaces before periods, random capitalizations, and more.

When we write, coach, or developmental edit a book, we become deeply familiar with it. So deep, in fact, that our eyes often gloss right over simple typos and grammatical errors. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally written “though” instead of “through.” It just happens!

I tell every single client to be sure to get an outside person to proofread their manuscript before it goes to print. Even if they’ve had four previous editors, a proofreader is necessary.

Each of those editors was looking for something specific (development, storyline, content, consistency, etc.). This means that weren’t focused on finding the small grammatical errors that can impact a writer’s credibility. That final proofreader will be the most likely person to catch them, which only makes you look good.

When you are budgeting for self-publishing your book, plan ahead to hire a final proofreader. You’ll be so glad you did!

Laura Christine Ritz is The Durango Wordsmith. As Durango’s premier writing coach, professional book editor, and ghostwriter, she can help you find the words that resonate with your readers.