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Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Editor for Your Business.

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Five reasons to contract a freelance editor or professional writer for your business
In an era of tight budgets and little time, we small business owners find ourselves weighing the pros and cons of every decision. If you are a small business owner, you are familiar with a common dilemma:  What is my time worth?  Should I pay for that service, or just do it myself?
As you make these decisions, do not overlook the impact of a quality professional writer and editor.  Here are five reasons to consider hiring an editor for your business:
Reason #1:  Professionalism matters    
“Readers can make very harsh judgments about a company’s professionalism, personnel, and products based solely on the preciseness or sloppiness of the text on a corporate website” (Writing for the Web, Cynthia Jeney, pp 94). This statement goes far beyond websites; it applies to every document produced by a company.
Readers will create a mental image of your company based on every document they read, be it on the web or in print.  If you want to leave a professional, lasting impression on your readers, hire a good writer and/or editor. They will ensure that your documents are accurate, consistent, and accessible.  This image of professionalism will be invaluable for your company’s public relations.
Reason #2:  Connect with your readers  
When the word “edit” comes to mind, we often envision books “slaughtered” by corrections in red ink.  However, editors do far more than just make red marks on paper.
Editors ensure that you are communicating clearly with your clients, customers, or employees.  An editor’s first responsibility is to the reader, so a good editor will uphold your style and content while ensuring that your text, whether on a website or in print, is appropriate and accessible to your readers.
Reason #3:  Save time
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Have you heard that statement before? Although the saying is referring to health, the principle holds true in the world of professional communication.
A professional editor and writer will ensure that your communication is appropriate, correct, and eloquent before it is sent to your clients.  In the long run, this will save you time (not to mention, the hassles, headaches, and stress that accompany published mistakes!).
Reason #4:  Save money
A professional freelance editor and writer will not be on your payroll, so you only need to pay for the services provided.  In addition, you will save money if your communications are clear, concise, and correct before they are sent to your readers.
Reason #5:  Appeal to potentially millions of readers
If you host a website for your small business, it is especially important to work with an editor to ensure that your web content is accessible.  Remember, websites are available to literally millions of people around the world, and you want to ensure that all visitors can understand your content.
Before you publish your next document, take the time to have it reviewed by a professional editor.  You won’t regret it!