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SEO and Audience Research.

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SEO & Audience Research

Research is one of the most important aspects of writing. As the great Eugene Schwartz states,


“I will take the best copywriter in this room, who is sloppy and careless, and match him against a good copy cub. And 2 out of 3 times, the sloppiness of the great person will be beaten by the carefulness of the other person. Because the power of the ad is always in the product itself. It is NOT in the copywriter. The copywriter simply finds it and expresses it.”


Thank you to Eddie Schleyner of Very Good Copy for sharing that great quote. Eloquent writing is really all about the research. After all, a website is just a conversation between two people. How can we write to someone if we know nothing about them?


SEO keyword research helps us get in the minds of our customers. It’s really all about learning how people are searching the web, what they need, and meeting those needs.

I specialize in boosting your organic SEO. This means that we will find the best keywords and phrases for your business


Need help with your research? I’m just one click away.