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Marketing Collateral.

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Marketing Collateral

Do you need to write an email to your customers? How about a good, ole’ fashioned letter to send via snail mail? Perhaps you want to send a postcard? Maybe you don’t want to send anything at all—maybe you just need a flyer or brochure to hand out at your next event.


Whatever type of marketing collateral you may need to write, I can help. After all, the best marketing materials will catch your reader’s eye and tell them everything they need to know . . . in less than 20 seconds.


As a copywriter for a national nonprofit, I wordsmithed all types of marketing materials. Emails, development letters, postcards, stickers, catchphrases, event programs—you name it, I’ve wordsmithed it.


If you need help creating catchy text for your next marketing project, I’m just a click away. Send me a message, and we will get to work.