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Contracts and Service Agreements.

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Contracts and Service Agreements

Have you ever updated a contract that somebody else wrote? Or maybe you have worked on an agreement that a lot of other people wrote?


Unfortunately, the more “hands in the pot,” the more likely that contracts and service agreements will be prone to errors.


Let’s be clear: I am not a lawyer, and I cannot keep you from getting sued. However, I have worked on business documents (like contracts and service agreements) to ensure that they are consistent, clear, and accurate.


Recently, I helped an organization with their annual update. It turns out that their agreements had been “updated” every year for about 14 years . . . but no one had taken the time to read them start to finish. The contracts were full of inconsistencies, and the company was promising services that it was not planning to deliver.


Fortunately, after several weeks of intense review, we produced clean agreements that were consistent, accurate, and fully approved by the legal department.


Make sure that you aren’t promising something you don’t plan to deliver and that your reader understands what services you plan to provide. Hire a wordsmith to give your contracts and service agreements a once over. You won’t regret it!